Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Caught you and the RCMP peeking me Jeremy Swanson now I am going to tell your nasty little buddy Dean Roger Ray and his dumb pals such as Depupty and Deyala on you‏
From: David Amos (
Sent: August 3, 2007 9:59:36 AM

Just Dave
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Just Dave
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David Amos wrote:
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 16:51:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Amos
Subject: Yo Sam the Rogers' crook Tom Young Byron had that nasty bastard Jeremy Swanson that Byron knew talking on the radio like he was some kind of hero.

The press ignores your son's plight in support of Byron and mine as well. The Keystone cops in Ottawa take Swanson's BB guns and old 303s but ignore it when Swanson attacks Byron and his old pal Dirty Dicky Dean. Even when his Radar Group pals threatened mean old me they look the other way and hope we have a little hoedown?

However as soon as a crooked little tough talking little prick from South Africa whines that his wife made the cops take his old 303 years ago and he still can't get it back, all the newsmens' panties catch fire because Harper don't want his crooks to talk to newsman in the Maritimes so they look for something to slam him with instead? ? For shits and giggles today, I called that big talking Tom Young arsehole today and promised that old fart this email. It seems that he forgot his liberal heroes dreamed up that gun nonsense in the first place EH?
What was even funnier was the night before I caught someone using the Rogers chickenshits competition in Halifax to check out my blog. Man the media dudes at National Post are dumb as posts but they don't hold a candle to the Maritime arseholes EH? They are quite simply too funny to be pissed off for long. I am just going to embarass them in front of their corrupt friends and blog the hell out of it.
Vertas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

Just Dave
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Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 18:43:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Ken"
Subject: Mr. Jeremy Swanson

Dear Mr.
Amos, I am writing directly to you in response to your email to Mr. Jeremy Swanson who you made several rather negative comments. I believe you are a paranoid, conspiracy-theorized lunatic, who is preying on a man who has done more for humanity than you can comprehend. More importantly, you have insulted and threatened a very personal friend of my closest acquaintance. Sir, as your post lacks integrity and demonstrates a complete lack of communication skills, I will make this simple for you. Your crude email to Mr. Prior is threatening and slanderous. If you make any attempt to meet Mr. Swanson in a setting other than fit for the finest of gentlemen, the Radar Group's meeting with you will not be as cordial. If you fuck with Mr. Swanson or his reputation, then you have fucked with the Radar Group. You can interpret "fuck" in any manner of your displeasing. This is not the first email where you have sworn, used
threatening tones and been crude. For the time being, I won't promulgate them. Oh yes, the pleasant ending. So very sincerely, Radar One

From: "Jeremy Swanson"
To: "'David Amos'" ,
Subject: RE: Jeremy Swanson, Ottawa YMCA, 10 th Floor.
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 01:17:01 -0400

BOO ! ! ! !

From: David Amos []
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 11:56 PM
To: Byron Prior
Subject: Re: Jeremy Swanson, Ottawa YMCA, 10 th Floor.

I am glad to see that you are using your nose. I knew Swanson was a crook as soon as he threatened to sue your old friend Teslacoils. (I just5 challenged Swanson to sue me didn't ?) I called his buddy and your friend Martha Jette as well and they all have failed a very simple stress test of their ethics except Teslacoils..I told ya long ago do not trust anyone but i trully think that young fella is ok but he speaks too much of things most folks find hard to believe, Sometimes less is more.. That said I am running in another election and having some minor successes raising hell. I am glad to see you are finally getting pisssed off and playing politics. The dude slamming your guest book is not Swanson though. I think it is coming from Stratus within the legislative building in Newfoundland. Respond when you get this email and the next two because the feds are fucking with me bigtime today and they are the best protection I can give you. Feel Free to forward them anywhere..

P.S. Fuck you Swanson I will enjoy meeting you when I come to Ottawa I am a true father who has suffered some serious shit as you shall soon see. Send your best lawyers and the RCMP I will enjoy meeting them too.

Byron Prior wrote:
Jeremy Swanson is the man who met me the day I went to Ottawa at the YMCA and pretented to be a friend and represented Mens Rights. What he really does is take advantage of people with problems and gets all the info and money he can from them in food or taking him out to dinner and beer, while he keeps the authorities informed on their status. He then informs everyone on the internet he no longer supports this person when conditions are right for their purposes. He says he stays at the YMCA, in a room with no smell what so ever, I paid him a surprise visit one day, very powerful binoculars in the window, all kinds of computer equipment and printers, fax and scanners. His cloths and shoes all new but hasn't had any income in years. Says he goes many days without food, in the 5 months I was there he didn't loose 1 pound. After my surprise visit to his room, I never had the opportunity to go there again, he kept saying meet me in the kitchen down the hall. He knew many people on Parliament Hill every time he came to visit me and had me leave with him early. I'm going back as soon as I get rid of some kidney stones. His address is he said you e-mailed him and another guy he knows Guy Lavene of Fathers 4 Justice, I also think he is a plant also.
Turning Legal Gun Owners Into SOCIAL LEPERS

Barbara Kay
National Post

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Citing concern over the "sinister uses" of guns, University of Toronto officials are closing down their 88-year-old shooting range. No word yet on the fate of the university's chemistry labs.
More than just one more example of political correctness run amok (which of course it is), I take this gesture as academic ideologues' invitation to government to follow suit and ban gun sport and gun collecting nationally. Alas, I think the initiative might find broad public support. To many liberal Canadians nowadays, tolerating gun use in any capacity is akin to complicity in Bambi's mother's murder, fatalism regarding school massacres and genuflection to American imperialism.
Such a ban would be a mortal blow to civil liberties and property rights in this country, but it wouldn't take much muscle to finish the job: The implementation of the Firearms Act in 1995 has already battered gun lovers to their knees.
Unlike the United States, Canada has little in the way of a criminal gun culture. Consider: Thirty-five thousand Canadians have purchased $5-million liability insurance policies from the National Firearms Association (NFA), which cover their legitimate gun-related activities all over North America. Their annual premium is just $7.95. Why so cheap? Because, as NFA president Dave Tomlinson dryly explained in an interview, his company virtually never receives claims. Legal gun-owners are unusually responsible people. If they weren't, his company would be out of business.
But the 1989 Montreal Massacre of 14 women by Marc Lepine drove rational attitudes to guns, perhaps forever, from the collective Canadian psyche.
Ironically, in spousal or partner killings of Canadian women by men, guns are the culprit in only about 25 cases per year -- this in a country of over 30 million people. Spurned men are far more likely to kill themselves than their partners. Women are six times as likely to be assaulted with other weapons as with guns. Nevertheless, since the Lepine massacre, guns have become synonymous with violence against women, and gun control with protection for women.
Enter the Firearms Act, which had nothing to do with general gun crime (at a low ebb when the Act was introduced), or actual prevention of homicidal intent, and everything to do with appeasing feminists' irrational fear of a frightening -- but statistically tiny --menace.
The good guys who suffer the most are gun collectors -- invariably men -- in the process of a marital breakdown. For in its obsession with protecting women, the Firearms Act now accords spouses control over their husbands' right to renew their licences (in principle, the control operates bilaterally; but in reality, it almost invariably comes down to women controlling men's renewals) and, in many cases, the right to continued ownership of their property.
Jeremy Swanson is a poster boy for this phenomenon. A knowledgeable South African-born amateur war historian and ballistics expert, he worked as a civil servant for the War Museum in Ottawa, whose rigorous background checks he successfully passed. (In 1997, he was named the museum's top employee).
Owner of a small antique firearms collection (please don't call them "weapons," he insists), Swanson has never broken the law in his life. He passed the Canadian Firearms Safety Test in 1999 with a 98% score. Even throughout a bitter divorce process, Swanson's ex-wife never alleged domestic or child abuse. Swanson's collection was safety trigger-locked, and stored in a firearm safe, with ammunition stored separately. His wife retained possession of the only two keys, and Swanson had never attempted to re-enter his home after being asked to leave it.
Six months after their separation, in October, 2001, Swanson's wife, who was legally authorized to store the collection elsewhere if she didn't want guns in the house, instead asked the Ottawa police to take the collection -- principally four antique rifles, two non-firing BB guns (falsely recorded as rifles), a toy Luger replica (falsely recorded as real) and some jokey paperweight dummy grenades (all together ominously labelled by the police as a "mini-arsenal")-- into "safekeeping."
Then his real troubles began. Swanson was never informed by the police of the seizure (he found out six months later by chance). From that day to this, he has never been interviewed by the police, let alone arrested or charged with any crime, nor has either a past or present chief of police ever responded to his pleas for a meeting. Although police attempts to declare him a "danger to himself and others" have come to naught, they have entailed several humiliating summons to criminal court.
Swanson remains in the Kafkaesque limbo of a man with no criminal record who for six years has been treated like a criminal, not to mention a social leper, on the basis of ? nothing. Sadly, I am told by insiders versed in firearms-related law, the injustices Swanson has suffered are in no way unique.
In a recently-published book discussed on these pages last Thursday, Mistakes Were Made:Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts, social psychologists Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson argue that many social and cultural problems spring from humans' inability to admit when they're wrong. How right they are. And as further evidence to those adduced in their book, I would cite: the blinkered ideologues who punish responsible gun users for the sins of criminals; police who automatically privilege the idle or fabricated concerns of disaffected women over men's property and civil rights; and governments who continue to throw good money after bad in perpetuating an institution that fails utterly to deter gun crime, but succeeds magnificently in stigmatizing an identifiable minority of law-abiding citizens as criminals in waiting.
© National Post 2007

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